Antikrists ande

The major shift Christians are seeing happen worldwide is the rise of governments to rule of the masses, and the unifying of world religions. Why is this important? According to Scriptures the major structures set in place by the Antichrist, are government, religion, economics, and military. If Christians want to see the footprint of Satan’s end time plan, the increase of governments rising to rule over the masses demonstrates an acceleration towards the coming of the Antichrist, and the Great Tribulation.

Why has many in the Church world failed to see the significance of the rise of Governmental rule and control over the masses as coming from an antichrist spirit? One reason among the Charismatic Movement is the outright rejection of a coming Great Tribulation. Let’s be frank about the doctrinal beliefs of the major voices in the Charismatic leadership, any who speak of a coming judgment and worldwide Great Tribulation are considered prophets of doom.

Why do no Charismatic apostles and prophets warn of major deception, or the corruption and control of government? Simply put, Charismatics have abandoned an end time apocalypse, and have exchanged for a end time world view of Christianizing the nations. Take for example if I were to see a vision or have a dream of a coming great tsunami wave. Charismatics would attempt to interpret the tsunami wave as a great move of God, a national revival or international revival. The proof this mentality dominates the whole Movement was radically displayed by the prophetic predictions of the Trump Presidency over the last four years. Every dream and every vision had an increase of Christian government, and revival. President Trump was the poster child, the proof a great Movement of God was happening.

Now let’s take those same tsunami dreams and visions as the rise of the antichrist spirit. A major warning of the rise in antichrist government, and an attack on our civil and religious freedoms. This in fact is what has actually happened. A huge wave has come and overwhelmed our nation and moved our American government into a major position of socialism and control of the nation. The force of the wave is obviously not Christian and has attacked and stifled the witness of the Church. What is interesting, not only in America, but instead other nations also, all over the world see a rise in this socialistic controlling of the masses by their own governments. Many governments were already given to this type of control but have doubled down on their populations.

A wave which has moved throughout the nations which gave a great rise into corrupted governmental control.
Why could none of the apostles and prophets see the tsunami wave as something evil, wicked, or Satanic? Their philosophy has blocked them by rejecting the testimony of Scriptures which teach of an end time Great Tribulation. Simply put, even when worldwide conditions demonstrate the rise of evil wicked rulers, the Charismatics believe the Church has been given dominion over the nations.

Even now, the predictions for 2021 coming from Charismatics apostles and prophets about taking back the nation, and a great move of God is already being predicted. With the dramatic failure of predictions in 2020, and new effort of doubling down has come from the failed prophets. In a matter of months all will be forgiven and forgotten as a flood tide of predictions will fill up the corruption which had come to light. The drumming of a great move of God will once again direct away from failed predictions of 2020, unto their self-proclaimed prophetic voices.

A warning, for all who are blinded to the rising presence of the antichrist spirit. Government and religion must come together in preparation for the masses to accept the earths final government. A monstruous beast which will stamp the whole world by governmental rule and religion of the Antichrist. For those who have eyes to see, the populations of the world are being programed even now. To accept a world wide government, and world wide religion. (FRÅN FB)

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