Falska profeter tror att “Great Reset” är samma sak som Global awakening

När man tänker på att falska profeter skall dra massor iväg från Kristus i ändens tid är ju detta inte märkligt egentligen. Great Reset och Transhumanism är New Age drivet och inget annat. Samma andemakt bakom som drar till Babylon. För oss verkar det som om den andemakten håller på att verka fram det stora upproret nu.

Jag klippte detta ur den sida på en öppen sida på FB. Om nu the Great Reset och allt runtomkring har med 2 Tess 2 att göra så kommer säker många att gå på det. Håll i dig nu det ser ut som om trosrörelsen i USA nappar på kroken. Katolska Kyrkan har ju redan gjort det och många fler är det världskyrkan vi ser en del av här?

As shown in the poster below, the 6th “Reawaken America” event took place from Nov. 11–13 at John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX.

Patriotism, dominionism, WOF, NAR, 7MM, New Age, Gnosticism, you name it, they were all on display! And, the speakers for the first day demonstrated that the false light movement has stepped its game up a notch, so to speak. One of them even announced that “the great reset is now the great awakening!”

Here is a video (https://rumble.com/vp1ayb-clay-clarks-reawaken-america…) for Nov. 11 and a few of the speakers are quoted below:

Cornerstone Church Praise and Worship Band performed at the beginning of the event. Craig Hagin prayed at the 1:13:32 point. He is the grandson of Kenneth E. Hagin, and serves as co-pastor of Rhema Bible Church in Oklahoma City and as Chief Operating Officer for Kenneth Hagin Ministries. He said: “Father God, we just thank You for this great number of patriots that are not only here, but are around the world watching this. And, Father God, we just thank You that we are one nation under God, unified together…We thank You for the many patriot candidates that are standing up and we thank You for helping each and every one of them financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and every way.”

The Hagin family has been preaching false WOF doctrines for decades. The above prayer demonstrates that Craig Hagin also endorses the false teaching of the 7MM with the emphasis of placing Christians in the government mountain.

Mikki Willis begins speaking at the 3:45:39 point of this video. Here are a few of his statements: “We want to send a vibrational resonance out to the planet that the children can feel all over the world…We follow ourselves, our instincts, and God…Today is 11-11; a sacred number synonymous with the powers of heaven…This is the moment you were born for, so rise up, lift up your voice and be seen…Dear tyrants, just one more thing. We the people have rebranded your agenda. The great reset is now the great awakening!”

According to this link (http://elevate.us/team/) Willis is founder and CEO of Elevate Films. At the company’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/elevatefilms) we read:

“Our portfolio includes features films, record setting network TV specials, commercials, and music videos for multi-platinum artists. Our clients include some of the world’s foremost scientists, futurists, evolutionary experts, and best-selling authors. We are totally committed to using the awesome power of movies and viral media to activate real and lasting change — to bridge ancient wisdom with modern technology — to share stories that deserve a voice — to champion worthy causes — to amplify the good news of the world – and of course… to ELEVATE!”

Greg Locke 6:04:42 –
We so believe in our first amendment right to gather and worship Jesus Christ that if you show up at this tent and you try to infringe on our first amendment right, I said make no mistake, we’ll meet you at the door with our second amendment right…My first amendment is protected by my second amendment.”

As shared in this post (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=298136945035323&id=101026978079655) Locke is a dangerous, political/patriotic dominionist who in a video on Jan. 4th stated: “Donald J. Trump is going to remain the president of the United States for four more years.” He also believes we are to expect the greatest awakening we have ever seen, and that Christians should expect to rule this nation.

Rashid Buttar – 7:31:29
“So, how many people believe that we are created in the image of the Creator? Okay. Therefore by definition if we were created by the Creator in His image we are by default, what? Creators. And, therefore, we have the ability to create our future the way we want it. Where attention goes, energy flows. I want you to understand if you’re worried about things, your energy’s going and feeding that fear…So, I want you to start creating whatever you want. And, there are ways of doing that, all right. This is part and partial of an evolutionary process that’s going on. Growth is part of evolution, however, remember growth can be very painful. It can be tumultuous. It can be very destructive and that’s what we’re going through. Remember before the new can come in, the old has to be destroyed. It has to be eliminated. Now, I’m not talking about destruction, I’m talking about how the body works…The new that’s coming in is a world of balance; a world of fairness. (He has a slide up that says, “A new world of abundance, of balance and fairness, where only truth and transparency are tolerated.”)…If you believe that you are a creator, created in the Creator’s image and you would like more information…we have 17 scrolls and they are being given to the world. They are based on Napoleon Hill’s laws of success.”

Then, he provides the following website: http://www.tapin2reality.com/. Here is some information from the site:

Welcome to TAP™ – “Most intelligent people know that everything is not as it appears! Truth will never be suppressed and as the light begins to illuminate the truth, the world will see the facts as they truly are, regardless of the deceptions being espoused by the world’s governments and the mainstream media. As a result, this particular time in human history is an incredibly important and exciting time to be alive. It was in the middle of this time, that TAP™ was born.”

What Is TAP™? – “TAP™ is an acronym which stands for TRANSFORMING ABUNDANCE POTENTIAL. The TAP™ into Reality Mindset Program became a world class mindset program virtually overnight!”

Mark Burns 8:59:12 –
“You are here to be empowered with the word of God. That’s why you’re sitting right now in this Holy Ghost-filled church. Because this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles…You are here my brothers and sisters to be empowered, not just to see a bunch of famous folk. Some of us who think we’re famous. (laughing)…And, aren’t you glad we elected Donald Trump? He loves Jesus…You are here to be empowered. Not just to wear badges…You may never see this kind of anointing ever again in San Antonio, TX, at one time. Don’t waste it…God is about to reveal new power in somebody that they’ve never sensed before…I was at Greg Locke’s church and the place started shouting “Let’s go, Brandon.” (After about a minute, the audience begins chanting it). So, you’re telling me you want to get rid of Joe Biden. You want Donald Trump to come back right now? Shout, yes!..Shout, now! I’m getting word that Pres. Trump just joined this broadcast. Let him know you love him!…Not later, but right now!…Are there any fighters who are ready to take this country back by any means necessary? Shout, yes!…Knowledge is power…Look at somebody and say, ‘Are you equipped?”

As shared in this post

(https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=415113133337703&id=101026978079655) when Burns spoke at Greg Locke’s church on Oct. 24th, he made the following statement: “You’d better not come up here to Global Bible anytime and try and act crazy. We will send you to Jesus and pray later that you knew Him.”

As I have stated before, dear brethren, true believers are more concerned about saving souls than they are about saving America. We recognize examples of 2 Cor. 11:14 – “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” – in many situations today, but the “Reawaken America” events take the cake, as the saying goes.

Please do not be deceived…

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