Netanyahu: “Fight Those Who Try To Dictate Terms That Would Strip Us Of Security And Peace”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that his government will stand firm against any international pressure to reignite the Israeli-Palestinian peace process by accepting the PA’s unilateral conditions. Speaking at a Likud Party Passover toast, Netanyahu said, “We will stand for our principles and fight those who try to dictate terms that would strip us of security and peace.”  Netanyahu’s comments followed recent reports suggesting the UN will discuss the Palestinian demand for statehood recognition in its coming General Assembly meeting in September.

“We have been steadfast these two years, making sure that any peace agreement brings with it a secure, safe peace. Not just peace on paper, but a sustainable peace. I have set two core principles to that effect: the first – Palestinian recognition in the State of Israel as the Jewish people’s homeland; and the second – real security arrangements on the ground.”

Such security arrangements, he added, are vital not only to protect peace, but also to safeguard Israel in case the peace agreement is breached. “We have to prepare for that as well. We have maintained these principles vis-à-vis significant pressure and we will keep insisting on them, because they are vital to our future.”


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